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Neck pain

Cervical spine (neck) consists of vertebrae, which extends from your skull to upper torso. Shocks between the bones are absorbed by cervical disks. Ligaments, bones and muscles provide support for your neck and allow free movement. Many people worldwide are experience stiff neck or neck pain due to over use, sleeping in wrong position, jerking of neck during exercises, normal wear and tear as well...
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Knee joint pain

Joint pain has become a common occurrence in today’s society especially with the onset of desk jobs and a decrease in exercise and fitness. Sitting for long periods whether driving, studying or at work has a negative effect on our joints which need constant movement to be in proper working order. Knee pain is by far the most common type of joint pain considering the...
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Improving Health with Joint Supplements

The discomfort and pain associated with the joints is usually unbearable. If you experience such pain, you would want to relieve yourself by using supplements. These may either reverse the situation or prevent the achy flares from occurring. There are a number of supplements in the market but it is always advisable to go for the most reliable ones. Research and customer reviews have shown...
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How to Get Joint Pain Relief

  Woman palpate her painful knee. Studio shot against white background. Joint pain is quite common especially among old people. When you are old, your joint and bone become weak so that it can easily fracture. Many people ignore their joint pain condition because they think it is not a serious problem. If you have joint pain, you must find joint pain relief ways to...
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Hip pain when sitting

If you are experiencing hip pain when sitting, it is time to spend less time sitting. In this modern world, we spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer. Whether at office or at home, we are always sitting and perhaps taking less time to walk around and do much physical activities. Basically we spend too much time on wrong postures and...
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Foot and Toe Pain

Foot pain and toe pain is a fairly common complaint. Very few people are born with feet problems. Many of the causes of feet pain are caused by ignorance and lack of proper care. This could result in damage to the nerves blood vessels and muscles of the foot and therefore causing the pain.Below are the common causes of foot and toe pain discussed in...
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Finger pain

Do you think you are too young to develop joint pains in your fingers already? Even young people are prone to finger pain commonly because fingers are used very frequently. The common causes for finger joints can be due to: Osteoporosis : This is a condition, wherein there is a progressive decrease in the bone mass and density. The chief consequence of osteoporosis is increased...
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