Best binary robots reviews 2018

The binary options trading industry has been continually evolving at high pace since its initial launch in 1998, engaging more and more traders and impacting the market on a global level with an unprecedented flux of new users. What makes it such an appealing investment type is its precise calculation and strategy that provides traders with knowledge in advance of their potential money gain or loss, thus making them aware of the placement they make according to their specific style and rhythm of trading. It appears to be an incredible opportunity to maximize profits by investing in a far-reaching sphere of assets, be it stocks, commodities, currencies, indices.


Recent years have brought excellent innovation in the terms binary robots, automated financial instruments that have completely upgraded the online trading industry, by performing calculations through comparison of an immense volume of data and thus predicting market changes. Best binary robots use sophisticated algorithms that generate signals – these are the basic starting points of the trading software, the markers that trigger investment – their accuracy will ensure the high profit returns that are the hype promise of the moment.  One of the most important aspects is that these signals, generated by respective trading mechanisms, have to be created and introduced into the system in real-time and only this way the software can guarantee a maximum of efficiency.

The extreme timing of this type of trading is one of the main reasons why automated investing has gained ground; it enables such leaps in taking advantage of a specific market momentum that a human being cannot compete with. In the same time, best binary robots also offer the possibility of newbies to enter this business sector, being an easy-to-use instrument with a friendly and smart interface that can conduct profitably coherent actions even to people that have no knowledge whatsoever regarding the functionality of the trading market and also to the ones that want to save money and especially most precious time. This makes automated software very popular amongst professionals and beginners alike.

The market has been inundated with all sorts of automated software and new brands, schemes and updated versions continue to appear with a growing pace, therefor it is of crucial importance to choose the best binary robots that can most accurately predict the price evolution of a particular asset. The basic function mode implies a settled payout along with a pre-set expiry date using the two set of options, “call” and put” –  corresponding to the price increase or decrease in the pre-ordained time span.

The automated binary trading options systems are a one of a kind opportunity for a diverse range of players, being an extremely flexible tool that can emulate particular risk liabilities for short-term as well as long-term investments, thus suiting any almost any type of preferred strategy. At this historical moment, anyone who desires can become a broker, having the responsibility of its own investments and the vital help of a perfectly designed calculation machine.

Gold digger – the world’s first automated gold trading robot

2016-09-13_16-44-26In an extremely unsafe, unpredictable economic climate, like today, when currencies have unexpected evolutions, some are rising mountain high while others are falling almost into non-existence, when investments need not only to be made with a very specific know-how, but also with a precise intuition – gold is the most stable commodity on the market, as it has always been.

Two genius Russian engineering scientists have come up with a brilliant solution to increase profit from gold investments, from 180% to an unbelievable 450%. Antony and Roland have an outstanding professional experience in creating automated trading software that is actually profitable – in 2006 they entered the market a revolutionary forex software, then in 2012 launched a commodity robot trading gold, silver and oil, working back-to-back with corporation giants, but now they have made a remarkable come-back with a solution for ordinary small investors.


The working procedure is very simple and reliable, starting with a small investment sum like 300 USD. Afterwards, with a leverage of 400 to 1, the deposit is bloated 400 times. In this way the bot cat take advantage of working with a colossal deposit exactly from starters and we’re talking about the incredible sum of 12.000 USD. This only is a proof of excellence and makes Gold Digger a tie-breaker from all other robots on the market. And it happens with only a few trades a week, but these are accurately calculated and placed, through a blueprint perfected over the years and even result-verified by an attested notary.

Gold digger features:

The system has the possibility of gathering gold, silver and other currencies quotes directly from banks, it can then identify specific patterns which it analyzes, signals and decide whether the opportunity is profitable. You receive the approved signal which can leade you to the desired trade.



100% Profit Bot – the only binary robot that forces you to withdraw your profits regularly

2016-09-13_16-50-31This itself is a unique functioning rule that actually obliges you to profit from your investment, the innovation being one fundamental reason for you to invest in the first place. This robot works with a multi-broker bot eliminating all limits of the trading process through a dynamic combination of accounts. You can literally double your money every month up to 138.000 USD.


First of all let’s revise a bit the usual methods that are used by other trading businesses, just to make sure of the special opportunity that 100percentprofitbot offers in a market that’s already inflexed with false promises and scams. So the common practice, going by the name of martingale is to double every bet, but they’re all limited to 250 USD per trade, thus making even the winning bet completely inefficient, as the profit won’t be able to cover precedent losses. But with this kind of software trading sizes can rise at inexhaustible values, as the bot provides scaling as much as needed. Thus the multibroker strategy permits the system to occupy positions with different brokerages at the same time and still grow. The smart move is to place you in the 5% only traders that profit from the binary options model – you can remain the background while the trades are being cycled and brokerages are losing randomly the money that you are winning.

100% Profit Bot features:

You can take advantage of the beta software that although being tested, it already makes remarkable profit, software that has been audited and therefor stated as most reliable. Another helpful feature, the main core of this special offer is the fact that it complies you to withdraw your profit or else it stops trading, this assures you that the profit will remain in your hands and not be invested irrationally. It’s an integrated management system that automatically takes care of every trade, taking the responsibility of decision-making off your shoulders.



Your Legacy Club – partner with millionaire O’Doherty

2016-09-13_16-56-09Bill O’Doherty guarantees to transform your 250 USD deposit in 10,000 USD. This may seem unbelievable as these kind of huge leaps are usually done with similarly high risks, but his system seems to be safe-proof. Actually it is his acknowledgeable reputation that stands out as assurance for the whole financial collaboration – big names like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citibank have worked with him for expert consulting and advising. These days, at an old age, everything seems to be more about what he leaves behind, about his legacy.


O’Doherty’s trading system is absolutely visionary – developed by professional programming team, the software is able to compile data and solve complex problems at an unprecedented speed.

One important point that is being made here is that the main guarantee of your “no loss” investment with this binary option robot is O’Doherty himself. He is willing to invest by the measure that you are, for every deposit you make he is going to match it, thus leveraging the financial world and ensuring your profit.

Your Legacy Club features:

This kind of promise is one of a kind but of course it comes with a responsibility on your behalf, though it may seem nothing compared to the balance of your check after working with this millionaire and he’s bot – the catch is that the only sum that you’ll have to return at the end of investing is the original sum that you started with and that O’Doherty matched and invested himself. If you look at the profit that is estimated by using this application, the return sum is ridiculous.  It all seems to be a nice humanitarian gesture and it might be, keep in mind that a millionaire knows how to circulate money in the system and simply being at his shoulder can put you in an advantageous position.



“Professional Binary Robot” by Binary Professor

2016-09-13_17-03-47This all-in-one excellent bot is created by George S., a professional expert in binary trading that compiled the best trading strategies on the market to come up with an automated software integrating the most valuable information and calculating it in such manner that it is now able to promise you 34,714 USD obtained from just a 250 USD deposit.


With an outstanding 35 years of experience in studying the market trends, its patterns, its flow, George devised a program that can do all this automatically for him and for you without having to stay online non-stop and moreover it can do it as fast as you could never achieve it.

There are more than a few fellow traders that share their opinions on  George’s software and besides all of them feeling more than satisfied with the resulted profits, they point especially to George’s special attention on details, to the fact that “he really cares” about them, about their needs and their preferences – and this is a remarkably human quality, one that comes easy for him being a professor, but something that the industry usually misses, especially in this line where business is taken care of by robots.

Professional Binary Robot features:

Especially in these times, after the powerful hit of the economic crises, this binary trading robot provides a most needed equilibrium between investment risk and winning, creating a steady rise and a high profitability. The main features are reliability and consistency of successful trading and these only are the mark of a great business instrument, one that can make a difference on the actual market.

Only by reviewing the testimonials that people leave on the site you can get an idea of the optimum functionality of this program. It does come with a promise like any other bot out there on sale, but apparently George is the type of person that you can call trustworthy.



Gold Trade Microsystem by Cambridge Professor Justin Hudson

2016-09-13_17-07-11Professor Justin Hudson alongside with Garry Cousier, co-founded this company and created a binary robot that collects information from the global market, analyzes it through a mathematical formula and comes up with values thus predicting the future evolution of any asset’s price. The system is now implemented but continually improved in terms of productivity, as can be seen by the high profitability of trading with gold, planning of course to obtain the same outstanding results with other metals.


The main theme of the project is constant success in trading and this is guaranteed in the first place by working with a stable commodity – gold. This only ensures the safety of the business, moreover the many years of experience that Hudson has in working with gold mining industry and trading that translates in knowledge of immeasurable value. As declared by other co-founders of Gold Trade Microsystem, Hudson is not only extremely passionate about gold, having as they said “the gold fever” in him, but he is also a brilliant analytical mind that developed an astonishingly accurate system of compiling data and making secured and profitable investments.

Gold Trade Microsystem Features:

The application has a professionally intuitive structure that is also easy to use by anyone, even by people with no experience whatsoever and one of its most important features is its constancy and efficiency in generating profit. This is a reliable instrument that can save you money and time, a perfect tool for newbies and a reputable robot loudly acclaimed by professionals.

George’s binary option robot is verified and certified for its profitability by authentic auditing and praised by users for the instantaneous profit that brought them, for the safety of their investments and last but not at all least for being fair and trustworthy, not charging anything extra, no tricks or scams.


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