How to Treat Fungal Nail Infections

29 Aug , 2015  

Fungal nails are something that many people deal with on a daily basis. Those that do deal with this are going to find that they are having yellowish tint to their nails, as well as they may have swelling and pus seeping from around the nail when they have a full blow infection. Other symptoms may include brittle nails, rough jagged edges on the nail, thick nails, and those nails that are distorted in shape. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because most people have this problem at some point in their life. What most people wonder is just how can they treat fungal nail infections?

dhrjMost of the time those that suffer from this problem are going to find that a trip to the doctor is required. Here, the doctor will look at the nails and from just the looks of the nail he/she can determine whether you have a nail fungal infection or not. If the person does, usually they are prescribed an oral medication that is taken for as long as three months which works to fight the infection and grow in new, healthy nails. More…


Preventing Toenail Discoloration

28 Aug , 2015  

Toenail discoloration is not a fun thing to deal with. However, taking simple measures can help prevent the common causes of toenail discoloration.

Preventing Toenail Discoloration

wcwOne way to prevent toenail discoloration is to have good foot care practices. The most common cause of toenail discoloration is fungi. Fungi love to breed in dark moist places, making feet the perfect target. To help reduce the risk of fungi attacking the toenails, one should make sure they alternate the shoes they wear. Another thing that can help is to wear shower shoes when at a public pool, in a locker room, or when using a public shower. Change out of damp socks right after working out. More…


Understanding Thick Toenails

27 Aug , 2015  

Have you ever wondered what causes thick toenails? Do you have thick toenails or know someone with this condition? Most people associate thick toenails with the presence of fungus and in some cases this may be what has occurred but it’s not always the case. There are several causes for thick toenails such as an injury to the root of the nail and certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.


cvwIf fungus is the cause of thick toenails the nail bed may look yellow and the nail may be thick or crumbly looking. Fungal infections can settle in the nail when the protective surface of the nail becomes damaged or broken. Moisture is often present when we constantly wear socks and shoes and the environment inside the sock and shoe becomes dark, warm and moist a perfect environment for fungus to grow. More…


What Are Toenail Fungus Symptoms

26 Aug , 2015  

Fungal infection on the nails can be an inhibiting condition. Some people even avoid going out and meeting people because they are embarrassed by their feet. Having toenail fungus limits the choice of footwear for a person, and also limits the things that he or she can do.

How To Tell If A Person Has Fungal Infection?

wcwTelling if a person has toenail fungus is basically simple. All you have to do is look at his or her toenails. Most of the time, it is the big toe and the little toe that is usually affected. Toenail fungus causes the nails to have a slight discoloration such as brown or yellow. The nail then becomes overgrown and thick, and can have some foul smelling debris right underneath the nail. The affected to nail and either grow so thick, that it becomes difficult to wear shoes, or the nail may crumble and fall off by itself. While one can easily diagnose fugal infections by simply looking at it, a more thorough examination can be done by a doctor. The doctor can take samples and can have these samples tested inside the laboratory. More…


Affordable Treatment for Toenail Fungus

25 Aug , 2015  

Onychomycosis is the disease of nails – toenails as well as finger nails. The symptoms commonly found are discoloration of nails followed by thickening, chipping and crumbling of nails. This is caused by dermatophytes, a type of fungi which can enter your nail and infect the nail surface and the nail bed.

afgThis fungal infection is more common in toenails because our toes and feet are generally enclosed in socks and shoes which make them warm and humid, providing the ideal climate for the fungi to grow. Another related fungal infection of the feet is athlete’s foot, which is also the result of similar conditions. More…


Black Toenail Fungus

24 Aug , 2015  

Black toenail fungusDo you have Black Toenail Fungus? If you tend to walk around barefoot in public places you may come in contact with this nasty fungus. This type of toenail fungus is common among athletes and individuals who are over sixty five years old. If any of these scenarios fits you and you’ve developed black spots on your toenails, then you may have black toe nail fungus and you will need to know how to treat it.

The Causes Of Black Toe Nail Fungus

effAnyone who is involved in sports can bruise their toes while playing and this can cause your toenail to turn a black or blueish color. Combine that with not wearing socks and you are setting yourself up for a fungus infection. Even if you don’t play sports you can still come down with this fungus. More…


How to Avoid The Ingrown Toenail Infection

23 Aug , 2015  

An ingrown Toenail infection is one of the most common things that can lead to bigger problems. Aside from the fact that it could become worse, it is awfully painful. In fact, ingrown toenail infection could prevent you from walking straight. You have to first stop the toenail infection from getting worse. This will allow you to feel better every single day. After, preventing it to get worse, you should now find ways on how to avoid the toenail infection from happening again.

Ways to Stop Ingrown Toenail Infection From Getting Worse

fnnIf you already have a toenail infection, the thing that you need to do is to stop it from becoming worse. It is typical to have an antimicrobial cream for this type of situation. Before the application of any nail fungus treatment, you can clean the infected area using antimicrobial soap, water and betadine in order minimize infectious agents from multiplying in the area. More…


Yellow toenails

22 Aug , 2015  

You’ve just finished your workout. You’re removing your shoes, then your socks, and then there they are. Your toenails are yellow! And then there’s that scream in your head,

OMG! Why are my toenails yellow?

G657Yellow is generally a happy color, but if it’s this sickly-looking shade and it’s on your toe it’s not cool. It’s just yellow or black toenails. Now, the quickest solution to hide toenails that are yellow would be to simply apply a base coat of nail polish, then paint on a dark, sexy color. More…


Nail fungus

21 Aug , 2015  

There are a few ways to help nail fungus prevention as well as reduce recurring nail fungus infections. Follow these tips and start practicing good hygiene to make nail fungus for both your hand and feet a thing of the past.

435Keep your nails clean by washing your hands frequently. Use a nail brush to clean any dirt under the nails whenever possible and be sure to dry them thoroughly. More…